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Natraj Yoga - Private Yoga Classes in London

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Welcome to Natraj Yoga, Where the tradition of eastern teachings meet the contemporary western lifestyle.
Farah offers group/private yoga sessions. Our yoga classes are challenging yet fun to meet your wellness goals. This is a great opportunity to introduce yourself to yoga practice, learning a solid foundation in postures, breathing and meditation.
Farahʼs mission at is to promote harmony in the mind & body by providing yoga and eastern therapies in a relaxing and safe environment.
The evolution of life is to become more and more conscious, but the consciousness is always other oriented: you are conscious of something, some object. Yoga means to be evolving in the dimension where there is no object and only consciousness remains. Yoga is the method of evolving toward pure consciousness; not being conscious of something, but being consciousness itself. Osho


Private Yoga

Nurture your Well-being! For self-practice and to learn yoga deeply, Private Yoga Classes at our yoga institute in London, "Natraj Yoga" is the best option.

Corporate Yoga

The best way for employees to relieve stress is Corporate Yoga Classes. At Natraj Yoga, you can join these classes which are also flexible as per clients' need.

Massage Therapy

Relax the body, mind & soul! At Natraj Yoga, one can experience the beneficial therapeutic massage to relieve various kinds of ailments and pains.

Yoga in Rishikesh, India

Yoga! Yoga means "Balance"; Balance of body, mind & soul; Yoga means "Peace", a complete peace; "Yoga" means "Connecting", connecting finite to infinity; Yoga is a "Divinity"; Yoga is a "Power". Everything needs filtration; even our body also. The solemn practice of yoga & meditation brings the filtration of the body; it aware you with your true soul. One can become divine; free from all negativity; all tantrums; all restrictions if and only if he/she gain control over; "What we think?", "What we say?" & "What we do?" Yoga helps in achieving this! Yoga is not limited to asanas or dhyana, it is a way more than this! It is about controlling your soul! When almost everyone is unaware with the divinity of yoga, then only "Rishikesh" was the place where "Monks & Hermits" performed this holistic practice. Yet, Rishikesh offers a true practice of yoga; it gives you a chance to live a true yogic life. There are a lot of yoga school in Rishikesh, registered with Yoga Alliance, USA that offers various yoga teacher training courses, including 100 Hours Yoga TTC, 200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training Course, 300 Hours & 500 Hours Yoga TTC; yoga programs including drop-in classes; yoga retreat in the lap of nature and other yoga-related courses.

Yoga in the Indian Himalayas

India; the homeland of yoga, has always the prime choice for yoga. Since ancient times, people visit Indian Himalayas to seek peace, serenity and relaxation. The Himalayas is believed to be the abode of Gods and possibly, this is the reason that there is the magic in the serene environment of Indian Himalayas. Saints & Monks always choose the Himalayas to perform a deep penance or other spiritual activities, it is a dreamt life experience. Not only, in the case of serenity but also in the case of mesmerising beauty; Indian Himalayas are the best.
Yoga needs stillness; Yoga needs calmness; Yoga needs blissfulness! One can gain all the three aspects of a happy yogic life in the Indian Himalayas. One can follow a systemic routine here and so gain the immense knowledge of yoga and meditation. The reason behind offering yoga in the Himalayas is quite simple; we want you to experience the true yogic life with no boundations, with no restrictions. Start your yogic day with a wonderful glimpse of the Himalayan Mountains covered with snow!

Connect your soul with the bhakti of God and be yourself!