Private Yoga Lesson

For starters, one to one yoga trainings can also be uplifting, challenging, and reflective experiences.

What really makes private yoga such an intelligent investment in your personal journey is the attention to your own individual needs, wants, and interests.

With this kind of attention youʼre providing yourself with the opportunity to discover what nurtures your spirit, mind, and body more efficiently and fully. And when you do what is most life enhancing for you (even if it isnʼt always easy) transformation and beautiful growth ensues.

Do you already have experience with yoga or are you just beginning?

In either scenario, private yoga is excellent for stepping up your practice level, or just getting comfortable enough with it to feel more confident. Maybe you simply donʼt attend class because of the time it takes to travel to and from class, or maybe there isnʼt a class at the right time for you. Itʼs possible that youʼre working with a physical concern, or are not comfortable doing yoga in a group.

Maybe you just need someone to help you be motivated and feel encouraged. When you choose to have a private class with me I am happy to give you a personal practice that suits your needs. When I give suggestions for an adjustment or help you re-align, itʼs always to help you enhance your experience. Iʼm not trying to ʼfixʼ you - thatʼs not the point. My aim is that you can learn the correct technique, so that you can continue to practice on your own. Though it is ideal to continue private sessions to avoid creating habits of misalignment.

Private Yoga Lessons give you space in which you can connect more with your own body, mind and spirit as well as getting individualized attention from your yoga instructor.

During your private lessons as your instructor Iʼll be able to see the areas that need improvement and can structure your private lesson to include postures, poses and breathing exercises that are tailored to suit your individual needs. The benefits of learning yoga one to one is that you can progress, further and more quickly by practicing postures and the breathing exercises at your own pace.